Video Tutorials
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 Video Tutorials 

We have some videos you can watch to learn more about the CALIBRATE project.

These will show you how the CALIBRATE Schools use their site.
Choose the format and click on the links below to view the video tutorials. A new window will then open and the video will download. 





Welcome to Calibrate
Learn more about all aspects of Calibrate.
(2:26 min)

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How to add a resource to My Favourites
This video tutorial will guide you step by step through adding a resource to your Favourites.
(2:39 min)

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How to find learning resources
This tutorial provides you with an overview of how to find a learning resource on the portal.
(4:11 min)

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NOTE: In order to watch the video tutorials we offer, you may need QuickTime, Real Player or Windows Media Player. You can download this free by clicking the buttons below.

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