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 For and about teachers 

Teachers are at the heart of  the CALIBRATE project. They are the "consumers" who search for and use the resources to be found on the Schools' portal. They also produce, re-use and exploit materials, lesson plans and ideas to make their teaching more alive and their students more interested.

How often do you feel like you need an extra exercise, a different approach, something new or interactive or even do you wish you could introduce a little more use of Information Technology in your lessons? The CALIBRATE project was working towards making this wish list a reality by making good resources available freely on the web and enabling you to join a community of other teachers with whom you can swap resources, tips and even lesson plans.

Teacher Profiles

Here are some interviews with teachers taken at our summer school in which they talk about how they use the CALIBRATE Schools' Portal and the LeMill community.

Alice Biro is a teacher of Modern Languages in Hungary.

"The function which lets you evaluate the materials helps a lot because you can see by the stars how popular the material is so you immediately start your search by looking at the most popular materials and then you go on to the others."
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Alice Biro
Kylli Kaasik is an elementary class teacher from Estonia.

"I have found a lot of what I need and I have got a lot of good ideas from there. I don't use the full lesson plans that are available, I just take the ideas from these and create my own lessons."
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Judita Prialgauskaite teaches English in Lithuania.

"I can find resources easily and I use these resources in my lessons. Students enjoy using them during the lessons. Students like these resources too and using these methods and these tools and IT generally."
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School profiles

Here are what some of the schools involved in the CALIBRATE project have to say:

Junior Language School Prague Lupacova "Lupacovka",
Czech Republic.

"Regardless of fact that there is no real study showing that ICT improves long lasting knowledge, ICT is a motivating and practical tool which facilitates students’ various activities which couldn’t be done in real life (experiments, simulations etc).
The sharing of LOs (Learning Objects) is one of the projects which was announced on the e-twinning portal... CALIBRATE is a good chance to create effective learning objects which can be used elsewhere in Europe. This is the simple reason why our school wanted to participate in this project."

Junior Language School Prague Lupacova
Stedelijk Instituut voor Sierkunsten en Ambachten (SISA), Belgium.

"The school has noticed that the use of ICT has enabled us to train more and better independent learners who will participate in lifelong learning. ICT helps teachers and students to have better up-to-date lessons, encourages more communication amongst learners, during and after the lessons and makes students do things in groups or individually. In lessons, ICT entice students to be curious, look things up, practise learning items, communicate, enhance group work, and do simulations. The learning activities can take place during one lesson, whilst others are longer (modules) and some are on a yearly basis (company simulations for economics)."

Stedelijk Instituut voor Sierkunsten en Ambachten (SISA), Belgium
Marian Batko Technical School No 2, Poland.

"Participation in this project will help teachers develop their abilities in the area of the application of the latest technologies and encourage them to use ICT in the process of education.
Thanks to the wide usage of new technology we are able to create a virtual teaching base grounded on the correlation of many subjects. This kind of working mode will develop students’ abstract thinking skills and not only the ability to learn “by heart”.
This surely will prepare our graduates to meet the  requirements of the market."
Marian Batko Technical School No 2, Poland

You can see more profiles here.

Schools' portal

The CALIBRATE schools' portal is the starting point for teachers who want to search for learning resources. At present access to this portal is restricted to the teachers in the schools involved in the project. However, later in 2008, EUN will launch a new Learning Resources Exchange service that will be open to all schools and CALIBRATE resources will be a part of this. There are more details available at

You might also like to find out more about the MELT project which, with CALIBRATE, will enable the LRE to become a reality.

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