Summer School 2007
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 Summer School 2007 

Portoroz, Slovenia.

Set on the beautiful seaside town of Portoroz on the Slovenian coast, the Calibrate summer school proved to be highly successful in bringing together novices and more experienced Calibrate teachers.

The Summer School for teachers involved in the project took place 21-24 August. It brought together 10 teachers from Flanders (Belgium), 10 from Estonia, 12 from the Czech Republic, 11 from Hungary, 8 from Lithuania, 11 from Poland as well as representatives from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and the Austrian Ministry of Education.

Summer School Participants

Summer School Participants - by Hans Poldoja - more photos at

During the summer school, the LeMill developers and staff from eun Schoolnet made presentations and ran workshops which gave the teachers an opportunity to work on their skills and give direct meaningful feedback about the use of the Calibrate schools' portal and the LeMill toolkit.

Watch these interviews with teachers who use the Calibrate portal and LeMill toolbox.

Interview with Alice Szamado Biro
Alice Szamado Biro (Quick Time video, 5 MB)
Alice Szamado Biro (MP4 video, 7 MB)
Interview with Kylli Kaasik
Kylli Kaasik (Quick Time video, 8 MB)
Kylli Kaasik (MP4 video, 14 MB)
Interview with Judita Prialgauskaite
Judita Prialgauskaite (Quick Time video, 4 MB)
Judita Prialgauskaite (MP4 video, 8 MB)

Watch a multimedia presentation by the LeMill developers.

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