CALIBRATE project final review
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 CALIBRATE project final review 

“The project has produced important results”

The CALIBRATE project ran from October 2005 – March 2008 and the final review of the project by independent experts has now been received from The European Commission’s IST Programme.

The aims of the project were to support the collaborative use and exchange of learning resources in schools. It brought together eight Ministries of Education, including six from new member states, and involved 17 partners in all.

We are pleased to announce that the conclusions of the reviewers at the end of the project were particularly positive, stressing how the results reflected both the hard work done and the professionalism with which the project was managed by EUN. Reviewers particularly highlighted that CALIBRATE not only carried out important research, but also produced actual outcomes that are bringing concrete benefits, in particular to those parts of Europe which can benefit the most. For example:

  • CALIBRATE has produced the LeMill web community for finding, authoring and sharing learning resources (current membership is 2837 with a particularly large user base in Estonia and Georgia).
  • the project has also been an important stepping stone in enabling Ministries of Education and the EUN to take forward the development of a Learning Resource Exchange service for schools in the follow-on MELT and ASPECT projects.

Here are some of the highlights from the review:

An impressive amount of work
“Over its lifetime the project and its consortium members have produced an impressive amount of work. Both, the developmental as well as the validation activities, have proven the major assumptions made in the original project proposal to be correct.”

Relevance through flexibility
“Over its lifetime the project has kept its relevance, mainly due to its flexibility. By embedding the CALIBRATE project into a wider context, e.g. as continuation of CELEBRATE and a close relationship to other EU-funded projects like MELT, it has even increased its relevance and its results will become fruitful in activities like the new ASPECT project.”

Important results
“By taking it all together, it could be said that the project has produced important results considering the application of new technologies within European schools and specifically by the involvement of partners from the new member states which is completely in line with the strategic aims of this call.”

LeMill highly valued
“The reviewers would like to reiterate the conclusion from the previous report valuing highly the outcome and initiatives related to LeMill dissemination. The reviewers see LeMill playing an important role in engaging teachers with ICT, especially in the countries where the ICT adoption has not advanced significantly yet.”

High professionalism
“As mentioned in earlier reports, the project was managed with high professionalism which contributed significantly to the positive outcomes.”

The future
“The future exploitation of the results is regarded as very important; the current version of this plan offers a good springboard for many activities so far, but should also consider more explicitly the results of the Final Evaluation.”

“Furthermore the following ASPECT project should continue in clarifying some of the complex IPR issues.”