EUN - Global player in e-learning content
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 EUN - Global player in e-learning content 

February 2007 EUN is potentially the most important Europe-wide and global player in e-learning content.
OLCOS (Open eLearning Content Observatory Services) has carried out a major roadmapping exercise designed to provide decision makers with an overview of current and likely future developments related to open educational resources (OER), including how future challenges in OER could be addressed. Published In January 2007, Open Educational Practices and Resources: OLCOS Roadmap 2012 examines: policies, institutional frameworks and business models; open access and open content repositories; and laboratories of open educational practices and resources.

As well as looking at CELEBRATE, the original European Schoolnet content project, (including its large-scale survey of teachers' attitudes to learning objects), the report highlights how the EUN is planning to launch a new Learning Resource Exchange service for schools, building on more recent projects such as CALIBRATE and MELT. It also shows that EUN is in good company in terms of its implementation of the Simple Query Interface (SQI) specification that has been developed under the auspices of the CEN/ISSS Workshop on Learning Technologies. SQI is increasingly becoming accepted as a standard for federated search across learning object repositories and is being used, not only for the EUN LRE, but also by the members of the international GLOBE (Global Learning Objects Brokered Exchange) consortium: ARIADNE (Europe), / EdNA Online (Australia), LORNET (Canada), MERLOT (USA) and NIME (Japan).

Finally, the OLCOS roadmap provides one of the strongest endorsements to date that EUN is on the right track with regard to its strategy for federating learning content repositories from Ministries of Education. It suggests that:

"The most important Europe-wide (and potential global) player in e-learning content may become the European SchoolNet (EUN)through their European Learning Resource Exchange which is currently under development."