CALIBRATE newsletter 2
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 CALIBRATE newsletter 2 

Calibrate newsletter 2

October 2007 - Publication of the second CALIBRATE newsletter.

Two Years on and CALIBRATE is coming of age...

We are at a key moment in the CALIBRATE project which started in October 2005. Much of the project has been realised and we have entered a new validation phase. We are in a position to look back at how we’ve got here and look forward to what will follow. The CALIBRATE School’ portal and the LeMill toolbox are both working realities which are being used by teachers in their search for sound, up-to-date materials and ideas to enhance their teaching. Sona Kolářová’s article will give you an experienced user’s point of view of the CALIBRATE / LRE portal. We also have Tarmo Toikkanen who leads the LeMill development team to introduce us to LeMill as much more than a tool but a community.

At the same time, we can look forward to the next logical step – the launch of a publicly available Learning Resource Exchange, a Europe-wide federation of learning content repositories that will furtherextend the  opportunities for finding more and better resources.  David Massart’s article will give you an idea of the technicalities involved in adding more repositories, whilst Jan Dolonen’s contribution will give you a breakdown of what problems are faced when dealing with metadata and how the CALIBRATE /LRE portal is overcoming them.

In this second CALIBRATE newsletter, then, you will have the opportunity to read about our highly successful Summer School where teachers and developers got to use the tools available and discuss progress and look to further improvements. Svatava Janoušková, a Czech national curricula expert looks back on the work done in Slovenia and you can read what teachers have to say about CALIBRATE and LeMill.

As with all projects, results have to be collected and analysed and our section on validation – introduced by Andrea Karpáti and featuring interviews with validation moderators - will give you an up-to-date view of where we are with this.

We mentioned the future. The newsletter rounds off with Jim Ayre’s short article on what it will hold for CALIBRATE and the Learning Resource Exchange. We hope you will find this newsletter informative and agree that the project has reasons to celebrate its birthday.

Download the newsletter in English, in Czech, in Polish (PDF, 900 KB)