CALIBRATE project fosters eLearning in an Enlarged Europe
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  CALIBRATE project fosters eLearning in an Enlarged Europe  

CALIBRATE Press Release 14 October 2005

European Schoolnet (EUN) launched the CALIBRATE project in Tallinn on 10-11 October 2005. CALIBRATE stands for Calibrating eLearning in Schools and is a 30-month project to support collaborative use and exchange of learning resources in schools.

CALIBRATE is part of a new group of IST projects supported by the European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme to help strengthen the integration of the ICT research effort in an enlarged Europe. The large-scale project gathers 17 partners, including six Ministries of Education and five other partners from new member states. 
Speaking at the project’s kick-off meeting in Tallinn, Ulf Lundin, EUN’s Director said, “CALIBRATE is a very important step in helping Ministries across Europe to work together and learn from each other in order to realise the vision of a Learning Resource Exchange that can be accessed by all schools across the Europe”.

CALIBRATE builds on the results of three successful IST projects under the European Commission's 5th Framework Programme (CELEBRATE, ITCOLE and VALNET). The project will allow teachers to carry out searches across a federation of learning repositories supported by six Ministries of Education (Austria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia).

It will also develop and implement an open source collaborative ‘learning toolbox’ for schools and carry out research into new ways to improve the semantic interoperability of learning resource descriptions. In short, CALIBRATE is a multi-level project that will add value to the services provided by national educational content portals and improve the ability of schools to easily locate, access and use a wider and more diverse collection of learning resources at a European level.

“CALIBRATE will certainly support the co-operation and strengthen the integration of ICT research in an enlarged Europe and act as a catalyst for the use and development of learning resource repositories in new member states,” said Zdenek Svoboda from the House of International Services of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports in the Czech Republic who is responsible for dissemination and promotion of CALIBRATE.

CALIBRATE will also link to a number of other EUN projects and initiatives that will build a wider framework and lay the foundations for the implementation of a new European Learning Resource Exchange (LRE). LRE will be accessible to all interested Ministries of Education participating in the EUN and other public and private sector owners of educational content repositories.