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The CALIBRATE project has now run its course and the final report has been submitted to the European Commission. Its aims were to support the collaborative use and exchange of learning resources in schools. It brought together eight Ministries of Education including six from new member states and involved 17 partners in all.
The project ran from October 2005 – March 2008.

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  • The roots of CALIBRATE.

    The work built on the results of three successful IST projects under the European Commission's 5th Framework Programme (CELEBRATE, ITCOLE and VALNET).

  • The work of CALIBRATE:

    • The development of the means to support content exchange and collaboration between MoEs and other owners of educational repositories. This is done through an open source technical architecture.

    • The development and take-up of an open source learning toolbox that supports the collaborative use of learning resources. This is done by providing an environment for group centered work and knowledge building activities. It also provides the sort of course building tools found in more conventional Learning Content Management Systems.

    See the toolbox at:LeMill

    • Research and testing of new approaches that can improve semantic interoperability related to the discovery and evaluation of learning resources.

    • Validation of CALIBRATE project results in up to 100 schools using an advanced validation methodology.

  • The future of CALIBRATE:

    The Learning Resource Exchange service for schools (developed in the CALIBRATE and MELT projects) was officially launched by European Schoolnet on 1 December 2008 initially offering nearly 120,000 learning resources and assets from over 20 repositories in the LRE federation. In a first phase, the public LRE service is particularly being promoted to schools in the European Commission's eTwinning initiative before a full opening to the entire school community in 2009. Visit: http://lreforschools.eun.org.

    More information on the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE).

  • More information:
    Download the presentation (PDF format)

    Calibrate newsletter:
    October 2007 Newsletter
    English Czech Polish (PDF, 900 KB)

    Calibrate brochures:
    Calibrate-en.pdf (English version, PDF, 163 KB)
    Calibrate-cz.pdf (Czech version, PDF, 176 KB)
    Calibrate-est.pdf (Estonian version, PDF, 170 KB)
    Calibrate-pl-1.pdf (Polish version, PDF, 177 KB)