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CALIBRATE (Calibrating eLearning in Schools) was a 30-month project (October 2005 – March 2008) co-ordinated by European Schoolnet (EUN) and supported by the European Commission’s Information Society Technologies Programme (IST).


The key aim of the project was to support the collaborative use and exchange of learning resources in schools by allowing teachers to access resources in a federation of learning repositories supported by six Ministries of Education (Austria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia). CALIBRATE was also strategically important as it helped provide the framework for a New European Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) service that will launched by the EUN later in 2008.


Teachers participating in the project were able to search for learning resources in this network of linked repositories via. a CALIBRATE portal, the first operational version of which was launched in September 2006.


Also included in the project was the new LeMill community platform for teachers. This collaborative learning environment allowed teachers and pupils to develop community-driven learning content repositories and also to carry out collaborative learning activities using both content developed by the schools themselves and resources found using the CALIBRATE system. You can find out more about it in our LeMill page.


Information, support and advice was also provided, culminating in the development of a manual for teachers that would include international examples of good practice on how schools taking part in the project had used the portal for collaborative learning.